Do Cordless Lawn Mowers Perform Well For Residential Use?

For years, electric lawn mowers have been evolving and diversifying. They were mostly corded and bulky. Over the years, the battery charged lawnmower has itself moved from being underpowered and expensive to more suitable, cheap mowers with durable batteries. More technology has been invested in its making to come up with a tool with good results to speak for itself.

Battery-powered lawn mowers are among the first purchases that a gardener should think of during summer or spring. They have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they are suitable for cutting grass.  However, someone might ask, DO BATTERY-POWERED ELECTRIC LAWN MOWERS PERFORM WELL FOR RESIDENTIAL USE? Why should you choose them over other methods of mowing? What is it that makes them more superior than other mowers? Below are some of the reasons that would convince you to opt for them in your residence.

Do Cordless Lawn Mowers Perform Well For Residential Use

1. They Are Easy To Use And Operate

A battery-powered lawn mower is very easy to use. Their ease in manoeuvring is one thing that makes them suitable for fast mowing. They are not big or complicated. You will therefore not have a bulky machine, pushing it all over your lawn. You also do not have to necessarily pull a string to start. You just have pushed the start button, and you are good to go.  The rechargeable batteries charge as fast as thirty minutes. If you want to buy a good battery-powered lawn mower you can check the best cordless lawnmower UK.

2. They Save You Some Cash

A not very significant number of gardeners believe that petrol lawnmowers are superior to the battery charged electric lawnmowers. This could be true because their two-stroke petrol-powered engine will obviously exert more power than the battery. However, unless you are working on a golf course or vast sprawls of estates, the petrol-powered mower will only cost you a lot. Therefore, why not opt for a battery-powered mower for your residential area. Instead of buying gallons of petrol, you can just charge your mower at substantially lesser rates.

3. They Do Not Require Heavy Maintenance

The battery-powered mower does not have a complex engine. You do not have to call a technician now and then for check-ups. They also don’t need endless oil changes and frequent replacements of the spark plug. The only real maintenance that they need is adequate cleaning. If you take good care of it as well as its battery, store it properly and mow carefully, your machine will serve you for a long time.

4. They Do Not Limit Your Freedom of Movement

Other lawn mowers, such as the corded electric lawn mower, always limit your mobility. This is because they are connected to a power source using a cord. Contrary to this, the battery-powered one uses batteries as their power source. You can mow grass as far as possible, away from any stagnant power source.

5. They Are Not Noisy

Do you have to necessarily use a mower that requires you to plug in earmuffs to protect your ears from damage when this electric lawn mower is at your disposal? They create less noise, which is approximately seventy-five decibels. In fact, some of these mowers are so silent that they can barely be heard from a stone throw away. You will even be at peace with your neighbours, because who likes their peace disturbed with noises?

6. They Are Eco-Friendly

Battery charged lawnmowers do not generate tailpipe emissions compared to the gas engine that releases unburned hydrocarbons to the air. They also do not consume any fuel and, therefore, do not pose any risk of spilling hazardous substances to your lawn. For instance, their petrol-powered counterparts spill gallons of petrol while fuelling them. Did you ever imagine where all this fuel ends up at?

7. They Are Durable

Their batteries are made of Lithium-ion. These batteries exert enough power to the mower. However, just like any other batteries, they wear out with time. This is not a breach of contract, though. The mower will last as long as five or six years, as long as the batteries are taken care of and replace them when they wear out.

This battery charged mower is the perfect tool to give your lawn that clean trim that you long for. Whether you are buying a mower for the first time or you are looking to replace your worn out mower, this battery charged electric lawn mower is the perfect option.

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